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Roman Villa of Casale


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The Norman Palio

galleria30The Norman Palio is a unique spectacle in southern Italy, a festival recreating historical events of a thousand years ago. The Palio is history, because the characters represented are people who really existed, and at the same time legend, since there is no direct evidence that Piazza Armerina was the scene of the events that are recreated.

The Cathedral

nigduo9aThe beautiful historical center of Piazza Armerina opens itself to the visitor’s view with its aged and sloping down houses similar to a suggestive Christmas crib, dominated by the Aragonese Castle and by the Cathedral, that, like a bright lighthouse, guides everybody from any direction, to the town of mosaics.

Our Lady of Victories

assunta001Pope Nicolò II donated the canvas banner with the picture of Mary with the Child, which today is worshipped at Piazza Armerina, to Count Roger the Norman, when he swore fidelity to the Church.

The Roman Villa of Casale
Mosaici28In 1996 Unesco stated The Roman Villa of Casale, the greatest testimonial of Roman traditions in the world, is to be considered "artistic heritage of mankind" and in October 1999, the Sicilian Regional Government promoted it to "Regional Archaeological Museum".
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